The Best Things to do in Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an irresistibly beautiful and famous island found in Thailand. It is famous for its awesome palm tree edge beaches and sparklingly clear water and this makes it so magnetic in pulling travelers, both local and international tourists not forgetting many Hollywood celebrities and once here- your holidays and vacations will always be booked in Koh Samui…as it is commonly said one visit is never enough. Koh Samui is the best place to be, you can trust me on that. Besides Koh Samui is the best honeymoon destination.

Koh Samui

Below Is A List Of The Best Things To Do In Koh Samui At Totally No Cost:

  • We all want to have maximum fun while on vacation, but on low budget. Therefore, here at Koh Samui that is catered for. On the length of Maenam and Chaweng beach you spent absolutely nothing just waking up on early mornings to walk on this therapeutic beaches.
  • Another best thing to do in Koh Samui at totally no cost is do nothing at all on the Anantara balconies as you sit on silk beanbags…this is also a free therapy.

The Best Healthy Things To Do In Koh Samui:

  • We all want to stay young and healthy and Koh Samui offers just that.
  • Their chain resorts offers variety of exercises ranging from sunset beach tennis and running along the beaches especially on the longest beach, the Chaweng beach.
  • Another best and healthy thing to do in Koh Samui is hit the gym available at their chain resorts in Chaweng.
  • Thai massage is the best healthy thing to do while in koh samui .Do this in a poolside Sala to relax after a long day touring the island.
  • Yoga is a must do thing here in Koh Samui everyone will definitely find something that suits them.

The Best Things to Do in Koh Samui Is To Engage in the Various Fun Activities including:

  • Go for shopping and get souvenirs like wooden elephants, silk wall hangings, triangle cushion and Thai handcrafts, shirts and postcards.
  • Another best and amust thing to do is to visit the Samui’s famous big budha.It is a famous landmark in koh Samui, 12M high and locally it is referred to as Wat Phra Yai. Infact, when you fly in it’s the first thing you spot due to its prominent location.
  • Do not forget sporting activities while in Koh Samui like sailing, diving and kiteboarding, they are the best sporting activities to do.

The Best Thing To Do Is To Visit Surprising Sites In Koh Samui:

  • Every country has myths explaining various mysterious things and Koh Samui is no different. Here we have:
  • The scary mummified monk who lived more than 20 years ago.
  • The grandfather and grandmother rock that has the shape of the male and female. Genetalia, surprised? Yes it’s true come see for yourself.
  • The magic garden that has awesome curved treasures that you need to see for yourself.


It is clearly that Koh Samui Island is definitely a place to visit suitable for everyone, ranging from couple looking for honeymoon destination, to local and international tourists. Come experience this beautiful place Koh Samui!

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